H-Dictionary 9.0

Translates words from Hindi into English
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Check the meaning of Hindi words and expressions translated into the English language and hear the words spoken aloud to learn the correct pronunciation.

H-Dictionary is meant for Hindi speakers who need to find the equivalent English words to any Hindi word and/or expression, and who also need to know how they are pronounced. The arrangement is a straight two-column table where you have a column for Hindi words and another column with the corresponding English word or expression, both in the same row. Double-clicking on the English word makes an animated bird read aloud the word for you. The level of animation is fairly high, and it allows the bird to do some antics.

It includes a search page with two text boxes – one for English and another one for Hindi, where you can search for any word or phrase among this dictionary’s 50,000 words. Sometimes more than one Hindi word will correspond to the same English word, so the actual inventory may be a bit less than that.

However, this looks like some kind of quick-and-dirty approach to a dictionary, much unlike any other similar product. While the program works well for the intended purpose – and is very simple to use, too - the features are very limited. The synthetic speech used not always produces clear pronunciations for many of the words. The bird that speaks out the words is no problem in itself, but each spoken word is preceded by a crackling sound representing the bird as it opens a card, which I found to be quite distracting.

Debasis Das
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  • Simple to use


  • The interface can only be seen as either full screen or minimized - the reduced size option is disabled
  • When started, in the demo version, it works for periods of just 5 minutes from a total of 25 minutes
  • Many words are not pronounced correctly. For every word selected the animated bird icon shows a card with a sound effect, which is quite distracting
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